Friday, 30 August 2013

Colour schemes for maps and charts

A few useful resources:
  • Colorbrewer: hand-picked colour schemes by Cynthia Brewer, designed for maps but also useful for other visualisations. All of the palettes are available in the RColorBrewer package for R. This is a useful introductory paper on data maps by Cyntia Brewer.
  • Escaping RGBland is a paper by Zeileis, Hornik and Murrell describing principles for creating your own Colorbrewer-like schemes. Section 6 describes the colorspace package in R, which makes it easy to put the paper's principles into practice.
  • The Cookbook for R includes a couple of nice simple colourblind-friendly palettes, based on this page on Color Universal Design.
  • I Want Hue is a good tool for creating categorical palettes.
  • Here is a much more comprehensive list of resources from Visualising Data.

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