Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A few visualisation links

  •  Andy Kirk's Visualising Data site has a useful section listing visualisation resources. The site also has an excellent blog, which includes a monthly selection of data visualisation links.
  • I've been learning ggplot2 recently; it is an excellent R library for creating static graphics. Both of the books listed on the ggplot2 home page are very good (although I haven't read either from cover to cover). Some of the information in the R Graphics Cookbook is available online at Winston Chang's Cookbook for R site.
  • If you haven't used R before, Paul Teetor's R Cookbook could be a good place to start. R in Action (Robert Kabacoff) and The Art of R Programming (Norman Matloff) also get good reviews, but I haven't read either of these two.
With coursework and wedding planning, I'm not likely to have time to write many posts over the next few months.

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